Learn How to Make Tacos like Traditional Mexican Restaurants

The history of the taco dates back well over 500 years, and today there are several different styles made in Mexico that are quite different than the tacos you see at fast food restaurants or packages in your local supermarket. The tacos that many people in this country think of are more a fast food delicacy, not the delicious and skillfully crafted taco that you will discover being prepared in traditional Mexican restaurants.

Many people think the taco is nothing more than ground hamburger meat poured into a factory processed crispy tortilla shell. The traditional taco is not only prepared differently, it offers you a unique taste that is much more superior in every way. Here are some simple steps on how to make tacos like traditional Mexican restaurants.


Before preparing the tacos, it is important to understand what it is exactly that makes the two style meals so completely different. While there is nothing wrong with the standard chop meat hard shelled taco piled with cheese,onions, lettuce, sour cream, and hot sauce, it doesn’t incorporate many of the ingredients that make the Mexican taco so delicious. The Mexican taco is soft, made with real corn tortillas, not the flour variety.

The reason these tacos immediately taste different to anyone who has eaten tacos before, these tortillas are not the rough, hard, cold, tortillas that you purchase from your local supermarket. The key to creating the Mexican taco is first making sure that the tortilla is corn, and that it is pressed fresh before dressing with all those other ingredients.

The traditional Mexican tacos do not even resemble the standard hard shelled taco that most people associate with this food type. The real taco is so hot and soft, that it literally falls apart on the plate as you are trying to eat it. The Mexican taco is never covered with shredded cheese, tomatoes, or lettuce, and never is chopped hamburger meat used as the base ingredient. Mexican restaurants utilize dozens of different meats, with toppings like cilantro, radish slices, and diced white onions.

Limes are usually a staple of the traditional taco, small bowls of fresh cut limes are served for customers to squeeze all over the meal as they choose. To make the traditional Mexican taco in your home, here are some simple steps to create a meal your family and friends will instantly fall in love with.


To prepare the traditional Mexican taco you will need the following ingredients.

Only Real Corn Tortillas
Strips of Grilled Steak (pork, chicken)
Two Cans of Beans
One White Onion
One Avocado
One Lime


Step 1. The key to the Mexican taco is the tortilla. Although many tradition Mexican restaurants utilize a variety of different high quality meats and vegetables. the soft corn tortilla is the foundation that will make or break this meal. There are two ways to start the process, purchase soft corn tortillas Mexican food shops or make them yourself using a product like Instant Corn Masa. This mix will enable you to create a corn tortilla perfect for the taco.

Step 2. Properly clean the vegetables thoroughly. Scrub them under warm water to disinfect them.

Step 3. Take the one white onion and dice it into small pieces. The smaller the better, as it will blend in more naturally with the other ingredients in your taco.

Step 4. When preparing the coriander, it is important that you chop it as small as possible. The key here is not to make large chunks that overpower the taste buds. Finely chopped coriander will add the perfect accent to the meal.

Step 5. Prepare the sliced steak in a frying pan and grilled to perfection. If you prefer to use sliced chicken or pork, prepare the meat in a pan until it is slightly browned.

Step 6. Open the can of beans and cook them on a low flame in a pot. Once the beans are prepared, place them on t a small plate.

Step 7. While the meat you are using is still grilling, now is the time to warm up the tortillas. If time is an issue, you can microwave the tortillas for 30 seconds and place them on a plate. Traditional Mexican restaurants warm the tortillas in a fry pan over a low heat just long enough to get them hot and soft.

Step 8. The meat should be grilled by now, so remove them from the frying pan and place on a large plate. Cut the meat in to small squares by making vertical and horizontal cuts. The smaller you can make the cubes the better.

Step 9. Place a tortilla on a plate. Add some of the sliced meat on one side of the tortilla, then cover it up by folding over the other side of the tortilla. This creates a blanket for the meat, allowing it to stay warm until the toppings have been added.

Step 10. Cut up a lime and place it in a bowl. Cut up the avocado and make a bowl of spread. If you prefer to use a guacamole dip, that will work fine as a topping to the warm tortilla.

Step 11. Give everyone a plate with a folded tortilla on it. Allow everyone to add beans, onions, coriander, avocado, and lime as they prefer. While the base or foundation of the authentic Mexican taco is most important, providing guest the ability to choose from fresh vegetables will ensure they create a meal that is to their liking.

The grilled steak, chicken, or pork, sizzling inside a warm and fresh corn tortilla will not look anything like the taco that is sold in America. Covering the tortilla with beans, onions, and fresh toppings you prefer, allows you to make the dish as hot and spicy as you like. While the Mexican taco is usually not spicy, you can easily kick it up by added some spicy vegetables of your choice.

The key to the Mexican taco is that no two look alike, they are customized by the person eating it, with the foundation being premium ingredients that are complemented by fresh vegetables of your choice.

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